Google Gets Bored…

idoit  Businesses serious about using their websites to attract customers and develop a relationship with them should know one thing…Google gets bored.

It’s all very well spending time and money creating a fabulous site, filled with pretty pictures and grand statements about your business and how you meet your customers’ needs to perfection, but if you then don’t touch it again for months or years, Google will move on.

With the competition for the searcher’s attention now you can’t rely on a basic selection of keywords dotted around your site.  Every one of your competitors will have the same keywords up there.  Copywriting is key, and it needs to be an ongoing process – update your content, blog, add videos, whatever it takes to keep the site active.

To maintain Google’s interest, to ensure their clever little spiders keep visiting your site and pushing it up the rankings, you need to provide a continual stream of informative, interesting and useful information.  In short, make yourself an authority.

Blog posts reflecting seasonal trends, responding to current news, picking up on Social Media trends…all these are grist to Google’s mill.  But you need to be wise – too many purely commercial posts and Google gets miffed.  After all, if it’s all about the e-commerce, they reason that you should be paying for your ranking.

Organic SEO is a necessity for those businesses that have neither the funds to pay for Adwords, nor the fame not to need them.  It’s not easy, it’s not a one-time deal, but it is effective.

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