Google+ Learn…and grow

contactmeMaybe it’s my age, but every time a new social media site comes along I flinch and bury my head for a while.

However, as a freelance marketing communications specialist I can’t afford to stay in ostrich mode for long!

Google+ has, I confess, rather sneaked up on me and shouted boo.  I was aware of it, but hadn’t added it to my list of things to do.  But, as I spend all my time telling clients they need to maximise their Google impact, I thought I should pay a bit more attention to what Google could do for me too!

Anyway, it’s up and running (just waiting for my verification postcard, which is, I think, a very reassuring touch, thank you Google!) and soon I’m going to be able to connect, connect, connect with even more people online. 

Just as soon as I find that 25th hour…!

PS: If you’re looking for a simple guide to get you going, I don’t think you can do better than this one…

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