Are You In Danger of Becoming A Phubber?

Stay Social...but don't Phub!I’ve read some very entertaining accounts of the latest technology driven social phenonemon recently – phubbing. Defined as ‘the act of snubbing someone by looking at your phone instead of paying attention’, on the highly amusing Stop Phubbing site, it’s a growing occurence we’ve all seen…and, hopefully, tutted about.

Most readers will have experienced being phubbed; perhaps a friend has regularly checked their phone while having a drink with you, maybe a dinner companion has chosen to pop their phone next to their side plate and regularly scans the screen to see what’s happening elsewhere. A business contact phone chirrups and they immediately grab it to check what’s happening. It’s certainly happened to me, and, to be honest – it doesn’t feel good.

In short – the person you are with is saying that whatever is happening elsewhere is more interesting and important than what is happening right here and now, with you. Rude!

It's Business!So – are you a Phubber? And why? Do you blame it on your business? Are you being drawn away from the here and now to the virtual world of your business’s social networking?

Nobody could argue that the social media you use to support your business’s communications objectives isn’t important. But it can be stated that there is a time and a place…and anything posted on a social media network can wait! The clue is in the word – social. Social events fit around you and your time – NOT the other way around. This applies to social media too; nothing urgent is ever posted on social media if an immediate response is required.

If your social media is taking over your life, whether it’s business or pleasure, it’s time to take a step back and assess your priorities.  There are many, many skilled freelancers around who can set up and manage your social media, giving you the time to focus on your business (surely what you’re best at!) and your down-time. Find someone you trust to do it for you, and relax.

Look up. Listen. Learn. Live.

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