Make Time For Marketing!

no time for marketing Small businesses are often run by a single individual with a dream. It is through their sheer hard work and determination to succeed that the business grows from the first client onwards, but then they often experience a plateau, or, heartbreakingly, a dip, in their growth.

Why? Because the individual with a dream is rarely a marketer by trade or inclination, and all their time is spent dealing with the nuts and bolts of the business itself – stock control, costing jobs, managing staff, doing the accounts, dealing with customers, etc, etc, ad infinitum.  Yet, without marketing, there are very few businesses that grow, develop and ultimately provide more than just a way to spend every waking hour.

Unfortunately, many business owners see marketing as nothing more than an expense, or something for which they have no time. But by saying this, you’re in effect denying that recruiting and retaining customers is your top priority.

Without proactively seeking new clients, and proactively deepening the relationship with existing customers, no business can expect to maintain an upward curve at the right angle.

There’s a reason that the big, successful, taking-over-the-world businesses do so well – they invest in marketing. Entire marketing departments filled with energetic, creative, thoughtful people with a single objective – to grow the business.

You may not be in the position to hire a full time marketer, or indeed have any desire to take over the world, but if you want a successful, growing business you need to keep marketing right at the top of your to-do list.

Make time for your marketing – and if you can’t, find someone who can!

Brand | website content | SEO | social media | new customer acquisition | PR | customer loyalty.

Let Blackcurrant be your marketing team.

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