When Is The Best Time To Post on Facebook?

When Is The Best Time To Post On Facebook?A client asked me yesterday when the optimum time was for posting on Facebook.

Common (or marketer’s) sense tells me that this will vary according to your message and your market. A fun message to a young target market will pretty much get their attention at whatever time of day (research in the US by Socialbakers found that a Facebook post achieves 50% of its end reach within 30 minutes)

But if your target market is older, working and keen on sleeping at bedtime, think again!

It’s possible, if you have a decent sized number of ‘Likes’ on your page, to establish the demographics of your followers.  Using this information, you can then start to think about when to post news, product information or something lighter and designed to deepen the brand relationship.

Realising that I’m not the first marketer to have been asked this question, I did some research online (I’m not one to ignore a magnificent resource!) and found this post on Social Media Today.

It’s driven by practical, common sense and I couldn’t put it better myself – so I won’t! Have a read and have a think.  BUT, don’t forget – it really isn’t just about WHEN you post, it’s so important to consider WHAT you post, and that’s where a considered strategic plan comes into its own.


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