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When Is The Best Time To Post on Facebook?

A client asked me yesterday when the optimum time was for posting on Facebook. Common (or marketer’s) sense tells me that this will vary according to your message and your market. A fun message to a young target market will … Continue reading

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Make Time For Marketing!

Small businesses are often run by a single individual with a dream. It is through their sheer hard work and determination to succeed that the business grows from the first client onwards, but then they often experience a plateau, or, … Continue reading

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Are You In Danger of Becoming A Phubber?

I’ve read some very entertaining accounts of the latest technology driven social phenonemon recently – phubbing. Defined as ‘the act of snubbing someone by looking at your phone instead of paying attention’, on the highly amusing Stop Phubbing site, it’s … Continue reading

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Social Media Overload?

Or should I say ‘Overlord’?! It can sometimes feel like we spend all our time updating our social media sites, and not enough on actually doing the work we earn an income from. So, how do we take back control … Continue reading

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